Junior Open Coil Mattresses

Comfortable and cost-effective, open coil mattresses are the most popular and common mattresses currently on the market, and we offer a fantastic choice to all our customers.

If you're looking for a comfortable and versatile mattress that won't damage your pocket, then an open coil mattress will be the ideal mattress for you. We have an extensive range of open coil mattresses in a variety of styles, sizes and prices, so you can be assured you'll find an open coil mattresses to suit what you're looking for.

At Click 4 Beds all our open coil mattresses are supplied by major mattress manufacturers and come with the quality expected from a well known brands. With a simple and cost-effective construction, we can offer our open coil mattresses at competitive prices and a best price promise.

Mattress Consutuction

Open coil mattresses are designed with open coil units within the padding of the mattress and these individual coils are all linked together with wire, which are either horizontal or vertical rows to create a single open coil mattress.

The design of an open coil mattress means that when pressure is applied to a spring, the ones surrounding it will also push down, which means where you are heaviest the springs are most condensed and where you are lightest least condensed.

Mattress Firmness

At Click 4 Beds our wide selection of open coil mattresses are available in all bounces - soft, medium and firm - so you'll find a comfortable bounce to suit your needs. The firmness of an open coil mattress is altered using different thickness and strengths of the coils, as well as the number of spirals used on the coil.

Our extensive choice of open coil mattresses are available to suit all bed sizes from as small as a compact single bed to as large as a super king size bed, so no matter the size of your bed we have plenty of choice in a range of styles.

Quality is important with all mattresses, that's why at Click 4 Beds all our open coil mattresses come from well known mattresses retailers to ensure your mattress is of the highest quality. Some of the quality mattresses manufacturers that we stock include Bedmaster, Visco Therapy and Joseph.

As an open coil mattress has a simple and cost-effective design, we can bring you some great prices on all our open coil mattresses, so whether you're looking for a cheap but comfortable mattress, or need something a little more luxurious, you'll certainly find we offer great prices on all our open coil mattresses.


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