Double Bunk Beds

Within our bunk bed section you'll find a fantastic choice of double bunk beds in a variety of styles and finishes, double bunk beds are versatile and practical beds that are ideal for children's bedrooms where two children share a bedroom or your little one has friends to stay, and are especially useful in smaller bedrooms where floor space is limited.

They also offer excellent value for money rather than buying two single beds, you can buy a high quality double bunk bed for two children from just £129 on our website, and as many of our double bunk beds can be split into two single beds, they offer you great versatility and practicality.

We stock a wide range of different styles of double bunk beds from wooden to silver, modern to traditional and simple to feature-packed. They are extremely versatile in their design, regardless of the colour, and will fit into both modern and traditional bedrooms.

Our wooden double bunk beds are available from just £169 in pine, maple and white wooden finishes, which are available in contemporary styles like the Limelight Pavo Bunk Bed with smooth lines and minimal fuss or more traditional ones like the Birlea Weston Bunk Bed with thick knob-topped posts and spindles. Most of our wooden versions have quite square designs, although we sell some with more curved finishes like the Joseph Polo Bunk Bed. These wooden double bunk beds have a sturdy construction and are built for longevity, making them safe to climb up and down.

Silver metal double bunk beds have a more contemporary style than wooden versions, which makes them popular with teenagers and with such a versatile design they will suit all bedroom decors and different styles of bedroom furniture. Priced from just £129 for a silver double bunk bed, they offer exceptional value for money. Some of them have rather linear styles with straight, clean lines, while others have a touch of curvature like the Heartlands Montreal Bunk Bed.

Whether you choose a traditional wooden or a modern silver double bunk bed, you can be assured that all those within our range are made to the highest quality with durability, safety and comfort in mind for your child.


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