Wooden Sleigh Beds

A sleigh bed is a dramatic and imposing style of bed that has equally high head and foot ends with accentuated flared features for added design, which is reminiscent of beds from the 18th century. With prices starting at just £169, our wooden sleigh beds offer exceptional value for money for such a versatile and high quality bed frame.

Within our wooden sleigh beds you'll find that the majority have simple slatted designs, whether vertical or horizontal, each with varying degrees of flaring, although the Sweet Dreams Pacino Bed Frame has solid head and foot ends, and detailing that creates a rather imposing stance.

Our wooden sleigh bed range offers an extensive choice of woods and finishes, each creating a different atmosphere in your bedroom. We stock only the very best quality beds and are made from either solid oak like the Limelight Cordelia Bed Frame or timber like the Bluebone Toulouse Bed Frame, which means you can be assured your new bed is of the very best quality, built for longevity and durability.

Whether it's for a contemporary or traditional styled bedroom, a wooden sleigh bed looks equally beautifully in any home, with such a versatile and timeless design it adds a touch of welcoming warmth to a bedroom. Both light and dark coloured beds can look at home in any style of bedroom, although within our range you will see some wooden sleigh beds designed with clean and simple lines that complement modern bedrooms, and more imposing and detailed ones that are more suited to a traditional styled bedroom.

Although the choice of wood used will determine the appearance of the bed frame, the finish is what gives each wooden bed its final design. Within our wooden sleigh bed section you can choose from light, medium and dark wood beds that are finished in mahogany, walnut or a variety of oaks, which is what creates the individual style of each bed. For example, the Joseph Leo Bed Frame has a medium oak finish for a homely effect, the Sweet Dreams Pacino Bed Frame has a mahogany finish to create a traditional appearance and the Bluebone Seville Bed Frame has a light oak finish for a more modern touch.

You may notice that some of our wooden sleigh beds come in a variety of different woods and finishes, yet retain the same style. This offers our customers a fantastic choice of what finish they want their chosen bed to have. The Bluebone Seville Bed Frame and the Bluebone Toulouse Bed Frame are both especially suited to this, as they have a choice of different woods and finishes of the same bed style, which is useful if you like the bed style but require a different wood type.

All of our wooden sleigh beds are available in a variety of bed sizes whether it's a compact single for a child's bedroom or a super king size for a master bedroom, offering you the very best choice when it comes to deciding what size of bed you need for the room of your choice. A wooden sleigh bed looks particularly impressive in a larger bed size like king size and super king size, especially for a luxurious master bedroom. Although in a smaller size they can also add a touch of elegance to a more compact bedroom.

With some of our wooden sleigh beds, you'll find that we have matching wooden bedroom furniture including wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside cabinets, allowing you to perfectly combine your new bed with complementary furniture of the same wood. The Bluebone Seville Bed Frame and the Bluebone Toulouse Bed Frame are ideal examples of wooden sleigh beds that have matching bedroom furniture.


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