Pink Metal Beds

With their fun and pretty designs, pink metal beds are the ideal style of bed for adding a hint of colour to any little girl's room. Practical and versatile, you can't go wrong with this style of bed for your little princess.

Just a touch of pink can brighten up any bedroom and whether it's putting a touch of colour to a plain bedroom or adding more colour to an already vibrant one, a pink metal bed looks beautiful in any style of bed. With such a versatile design, it will also look equally at home in both contemporary and traditional styles of bedrooms, and you won't have to worry about matching the bed to wooden furniture, as a pink metal bed will suit all bedroom furniture and decor.

Pink metal beds are beautiful in any girl's bedroom, whether it's for a toddler's first bed, a growing girl's room or a teenager's chill out bedroom, with such a versatile design girls off all ages will love this style of bed. Of course, some of pink metal beds are more suited to younger girls, for example the Birlea Sophia and Julian Bowen Jemima Bed Frames are finished with heart detailing, which maybe more suited to younger little girls, while the Birlea Antigua Bed Frame is more subdued with less detailing and has a much more mature design for older girls.

Not only are pink metal beds aesthetically pleasing, but they are also practical, as they are one of the most robust and long lasting styles of beds, which is especially useful when you consider the amount of action these beds will see from a child using them.

Although most of our pink metal beds come in single bed sizes, which are great for children's bedrooms, especially those with limited space, the Birlea Antigua Bed Frame also has a double bed option, which is especially great for older girls or teenagers who want a larger bed to feel that touch more mature.


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