Leather Sleigh Beds

A leather sleigh bed is one of complete and utter luxury from the sumptuous leather to the imposing stance, everything about this style of bed exudes sophistication and elegance. This style of bed is reminiscent of an 18th century bed with its exaggerated flared head and foot ends.

Although described as a leather sleigh bed, within our range you'll see we have an equal choice of both real leather and faux leather, giving our customers the very best choice on their new bed. A real leather version will obviously cost slightly more and have a supple effect, although a faux leather style is a more than adequate alternative with a much lower price and a similar feeling, and is also a better option for those people who are not keen on real leather for ethical reasons.

In our sleigh bed section, you'll find that the majority of these are leather sleigh beds and we pride ourselves on providing the very best choice to our customers regardless of their budget with prices starting from as little as £149 for a faux leather version and £159 for a real leather one.

Finding the right colour of bed is important to ensure it matches your bedroom decor and style, and that's why we stock a range of black, brown and chocolate coloured leather sleigh beds to suit all our customers' colour preferences. A black leather one will look stunning in a contemporary setting, while the brown and chocolate have a more versatile finish, making them suitable for all bedroom designs.

Each of our leather sleigh beds have the same distinctive shape, yet each has its own individual style and finish, some with clean and simple lines like the Hyder Monaco Bed Frame, others with more flamboyant and grand appearances like the Kaydian Bamburgh Bed Frame. The extent to which the exaggerated flaring on the head and foot ends are also different between each bed, some have a curved design while others are more linear. You'll also find that some of our leather sleigh beds have some slight stitched detailing on the leather itself, yet some have smooth and simple finishes, and you'll find some that are accentuated with wooden detailing.

Leather sleigh beds are so versatile that regardless of the style of your bedroom, it will complement any colour or decor, whether it's traditional or modern. In a contemporary bedroom a leather sleigh bed will add a touch of executive glamour, while in a more traditional one it will create an air of luxury and sophistication. Of course, there may be some leather sleigh beds that look more at home in a modern home than a traditional bedroom, for example the Kaydian Verona Bed Frame has a very contemporary feeling and the Julian Bowen Chester Bed Frame is more traditional looking.

As with all the beds on our website, we have leather sleigh beds in most bed sizes, so whether you're after a simple single bed for a guest bedroom or a lavish super king size for a master bedroom, you'll certainly find the right size to suit your needs. All of our leather sleigh beds look equally beautiful in any size of bedroom, but a less extravagant style maybe more suited to a smaller bed like the Limelight Orbit Bed Frame and a more imposing style of bed like the Harmony Winchester will be more suited to a larger room.


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Kaydian Bamburgh Leather Bed Frame

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